Challenges  in Traditional Cryo-EM Sample Preparation

Cryo-EM sample preparation using traditional support grids presents

  • Air-water interface absorption
  • Badly preferred orientation
  • Sample concentration threshold (>1μM)
  • Significant background noise
  • Difficulty of reconstructing “small” macromolecules

Unlock Efficiency and Precision with GraFuture™ Grids

  • GraFuture™ GO

    Graphene Oxide Support Film TEM Gird

  • GraFuture™ RGO

    Reduced Graphene Oxide Support Film TEM Gird

Why Choose US?

GraFuture™ Grids Advantages

GraFuture™ grids could be used with the following advantages:

  • Provides hexagonal lattice signal, enabling assessment of the cryo-EM image quality & motion correction
  • Low sample concentration (≈100 nM)
  • Partial protection from the air-water interface
  • More balanced particle orientation distribution
  • Low background noise
  • Successfully solved the structure of sub-100 kDa macromolecules at 2.8 Angstrom resolution
  • ≤ 5 LAYERS


  • Ultra-thin GO/RGO


  • ≥ 70 %



Witness Excellence with GraFuture™

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    Receptor binding and complex structures of human ACE2 to spike RBD from omicron and delta SARS-CoV-2

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  • RGO —

    Structural insights into dsRNA processing by Drosophila Dicer-2-Lo- qs-PD

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  • RGO —

    Structure deformation and curvature sensing of PIEZO1 in lipid mem- branes

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  • RGO —

    Mechanism of spliceosome remodeling by the ATPase/helicase Prp2 and its coactivator Spp2

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